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Brimming with ideas, we make it simple to take advantage of every opportunity with the right promotional products, services and prices to help professionals, like you, add excitement to their marketing. Our 20+ years of experience and attention to detail means you get what you need, when you need it. We listen to your needs and use our industry expertise to bring your campaigns to life. From corporate gathering to major trade shows or conferences, we got you covered!

Terri Phelps, of Phelps Promotional Products, received Fellowship status thru PPAI in 2017 as an influential individual serving more than five years on a committee, advisory groups, board, mentor, and volunteer within the PPAI industry.

She has received two Master's level designations in the Promotional Products Industry: MAS in 2016 and MASI in 2018. These designations represent individuals with the highest level of professionalism in the industry with both requiring many hours of continuing education, dedication and exemplary commitment to their profession. Less than 4% of individuals in the industry hold these designations today.

Phelps Promotional Products received two prestigious industry awards: Mastermind Award for "Best Client Promotions" and PPAI Pyramid Award for "Best Goodwill Program".

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